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Welcome to Raven's Cave Radio - Your Rock and Pagan Station, broadcasting internationally with an extensive playlist, including your favourite rock and pagan anthems to satisfy your desires [24]7. 

📱Our OFFICIAL Raven's Cave Radio app is currently under redesign due to providers’ T&C changes, and will be available again soon. Watch this space! Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you've faced regarding your Android app.

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Launched as an online radio station on February 1st 2021 in Scotland, we broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our extensive playlist consists of global artists and various music genres including classic rock, metal, alternative, progressive, psychedelic, post-punk, indie, gothic, Neo-Celtic folk, pagan metal, Norse and darkwave to name a few.

We hope that you enjoy the musical journey as much as we do, as we humbly appreciate and gratefully thank you for all your love and invaluable support. If there's anything at all station related that Raven’s Cave Radio can improve or that you'd like to contribute to, please don’t hesitate to contact Mark via the site chat here, at our email address or via Social Media (links below).

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Parental Guidance Recommended

May contain lyrics or content of a song which could be considered offensive or unsuitable for children: Strong language.

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At Raven’s Cave Radio we are passionate about our music, but we also know you can't beat the energy and atmosphere of a live concert or festival. Throughout time, people have loved sitting around listening to others play music. When a piece of music plays and weaves its way through your soul, taking you on a journey that changes everything within that moment in time, it becomes intrinsically priceless. But of-course how we experienced music on a larger scale evolved with the invention of amps, speakers and microphones. 

Nowadays, you can check out some of the greatest performances of past and present generations on various media platforms, and so we hope to recapture those memorable moments and many more featured on our list of Friday Night in Concert's, including iconic performances 'From the Archives'.

Check out the 10 Most Iconic Rock Concerts of all time on our 'In Concert' page, also feel free to share your own in the chat if we missed it.

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For your convenience, Raven's Cave Radio have also teamed up with Radio FM and Streema to reach as many of you as we can, wherever you are around the world.

In addition to our own official app (currently updating), our partners' apps also reach the four corners of the globe, with an additional 50,000+ radio stations each in over 236 countries and territories at your fingertips. The apps are compatible with Chromecast and Car Mode features.

​Radio FM and Simple Radio by Streema apps are available via Apple Store and Google Play. 


At Raven’s Cave Radio, we're always looking for advertisers and offer remote-based voluntary opportunities for enthusiastic contributors who are looking for experience, or wish to share their content with an international audience.

For unsigned band/artist or radio opportunity enquiries (18 or over) email: (also see ‘Radio Opportunities’ on our events page for further details).

For Advertising enquiries please email: 

Your kindness and contributions to our growing family are truly valued and appreciated.

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